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STEP 1Before Construction
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At the preconstruction meeting, you are invited to sit down with your sales person, architect and superintendent for a complete review of your home selections and features. Here you will have an opportunity to ask all questions related to the construction of your home. During this initial phase we coordinate obtaining all city and county permits, process purchase orders and equip all trade partners with information needed to build your home.
STEP 2Foundation
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This is when your dreams take shape! Newmark Homes begins the process by digging your basement and pouring the foundations showing the outline of your home. We will analyze soil conditions and weather patterns to ensure your home is built with every advantage possible.

QUALITY CHECKPOINT: This stage will begin one of many quality control checks to ensure your home is built properly in many key areas.
STEP 3Rough Framing
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Many of your building components are delivered to your home including structural steel, lumber, engineered roof trusses, door and windows. Now your home can be assembled by first setting the structural steel on the basement foundation followed by laying down the floor system, framing walls, setting trusses and finally protecting your roof with shingle materials. After your roof is installed, the doors, windows and decorative trim work are completed.

QUALITY CHECKPOINT: During the framing stage, we will examine the house for correct room sizing, squareness and workmanship.
STEP 4Rough Mechanicals
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Over the next one-to-two weeks the heating, cooling, ventilation, electrical and plumbing systems are installed. Once all these mechanicals are completed, several municipal building department inspections will be made to ensure your home meets all state and local requirements.

NEWMARK COMMITMENT: You will be contacted by your superintendent for an on-site review of your home thus-far. During this meeting you will walk through your new home to make sure all customized features chosen are properly placed.
STEP 5Insulation And Drywall
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Before drywall, we will install insulation in your exterior walls and attic space. Thereafter, drywall will be hung, mudded and finish sanded to a smooth finish. While the inside of your home is taking shape the exterior brick and finishing materials are also being completed.

QUALITY CHECKPOINT: During this phase of construction your superintendent will check to make sure your drywall is smooth with a uniform finish.
STEP 6Interior & Exterior Finishes
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This is where the culmination of ideas and selections come together. All the browsing you did at our showrooms is starting to pay off. Flooring and cabinets installed, countertops, plumbing and lighting are all completed. Once your finishes are in, your house will be cleaned by a trade professional to ensure your home is ready for you to move-in. Any necessary grading, driveways/sidewalks and landscaping will also be installed during this time. (Due to your home being built in an ever changing climate, some exterior finishes may be delayed.)

QUALITY CHECKPOINT: Your HVAC systems will be checked for proper operation. All home finishes will be checked for minor adjustments, defects and imperfections prior to the customer walk-through meetings.
STEP 7Homeowner Walkthrough And Orientation
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We’ve passed all municipal inspections, received a final certificate of occupancy and now it is time to make sure you are satisfied with the home before moving-in. We will review that all the options and features were properly installed and educate you on all the inter-workings of your home. This is our proudest moment.


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