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Receive a commission with Newmark Homes Realtor Incentive Program!* 


We welcome all Real Estate Professionals to bring their clients through a Newmark Home’s community. Out team of sales managers look forward to assisting you and your client with every aspect of the sale. We know every buyer’s needs are different and we are committed to meeting each individual need presented to us. Whether your buyer is looking for a ready-to-own home or wants to start a new custom home we provide a streamlined sales process for you to earn a commission.


Broker Registration Agreement

To register prospect, brokers must complete this form for each prospect in each subdivision. This protection is for 30 days, but may be renewed.

*Dear Cooperating Broker:

Dear Cooperating Broker:

We want our relationship with you to develop into one of mutual trust and friendly cooperation. Towards this end, please read and sign this agreement so we may be sure you have been made aware of our policies which protect you.

Newmark Homes will provide prospect protection for cooperating brokers within the following guidelines:

    1. Brokers or their associates, to receive protection, must:
      1. PERSONALLY ACCOMPANY the prospect to the Newmark sales office and complete this form. Phone calls will NOT qualify for protection.
      2. Leave with us a fully completed registration card for each prospect. Be sure your name, company and telephone number appear on the cards.
    2. After a reasonable time, if a determination is made that the prospect is not going to purchase at the Newmark Homes location where registered, the prospect’s name, address and phone numbers will be made available to Newmark sales personnel, who may attempt to sell to prospect a home in another Newmark subdivision.

We cannot extend protection except at those subdivisions where you have personally accompanied and registered the prospect. Therefore we strongly recommend you take the prospect to all subdivisions where there may be interest.

Newmark will only pay a commission to the first broker who has a valid registration agreement in effect. Prospects who have previously registered on their own in a subdivision cannot be covered by this protection.

Your signature below indicates that you have read, understood and agree with the contents of this agreement. We appreciate you bringing prospects into our sales office and endeavor to assist you in every way possible. Thank You for your trust and confidence.