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If you are looking for a home in Southeast Michigan, there are many reasons to consider a new-build home from Newmark Homes. First, because of the recent surge in homebuying, you may notice a lack of pre-owned homes in your area. However, when you work with Newmark Homes, you eliminate the competition and you never have to settle. You get the house you want in a neighborhood of your choosing – You can’t lose. Here are a few more reasons why smart home buyers look to new construction homes when shopping for houses in Macomb Township, Shelby Township, and Oakland County.


Five Reasons to Work with Custom Home Builders in Southeast Michigan

In a recent article from U.S. News & World Report, experts in the field offer compelling reasons to purchase new construction homes.

1 – You can customize a new home.

When families purchase new homes in Michigan from Newmark Homes, they can choose the features, materials, and colors they want.

2 – You can safe money with modern efficiencies built right in.

Often, with older homes, you get older appliances. And, understandably, these homes were not built to meet the requirements of modern codes. On the other hand, new homes are designed to be energy-efficient, and they can save you money on heating and electrical bills.

3 – New construction homes require fewer repairs in the first years of ownership.

Clearly, if everything in your home is new, it is unlikely that anything will unexpectedly break quickly. This saves you both money and gives you peace of mind.

4 – New homes are typically safer than older homes.

Typically, new construction homes incorporate flame-retardant materials. And, again, current materials meet newer code standards, which mean that they are, according to modern regulations, safer for family members and pets.

5 – You can make a new home “greener” with energy-efficient appliances.

If one of your goals is to do more for the environment, you can install brand-new, energy-efficient appliances in your new home from Newmark homes and reduce your carbon footprint every single month.


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